Bay Area Group sends medical supplies and aid to Ukraine – NBC Bay Area

Ukrainians in the Bay Area reacted on Wednesday to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s appeal to the US Congress as they continue to send humanitarian aid to their homeland.

Zelenskyy pleaded with the United States to set up a no-fly zone over his country to stem Russian attacks.

“I think he clearly explained what is happening in Ukraine now and he made an analogy with Pearl Harbor and I think that is correct except in Ukraine. It happens every day,” Igor Markov from the Nova Ukraine association.

Nova Ukraine has raised over $8 million to provide essential supplies to the beleaguered country.

Earlier this week, the group coordinated a team of Stanford student volunteers who flew to the Seattle area to help pack medical supplies bound for the war zone. Markov said medical help was desperately needed at this time.

“Many missiles hit apartment buildings, people were killed, including children. It’s as bloody as it gets,” he said.

At IDL Packaging in San Jose, they also collected medical supplies as well as baby formula and canned foods.

“We started two weeks ago and in three days we had 5 full trucks,” said Igor Yuzvinskiy from IDL Packaging.

Yuzvinskiy added that his parents and brother are still in Ukraine and he is concerned for their safety, but pledged to do what he can to help from the Bay Area.

On Monday, all supplies from IDL Packaging will be sent to Ukraine. But it is an expensive business that costs around $50,000.

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