Baylor Scott & White collects medical supplies for Ukraine | Local News

Baylor Scott & White hospitals in College Station and Brenham are collecting medical supplies to send to Ukraine.

Campaign organizers said the focus was on wound care supplies such as bandages, scissors, alcohol, cotton rolls and ibuprofen.

The effort is part of the healthcare provider’s Faith in Action initiative, which has been sending supplies to Ukraine since before the Russian invasion in February.

Matthew Hoffman, director of the initiative, said he has been coordinating shipments of supplies through pastors and humanitarian leaders in Ukraine, Poland, Hungary and across Europe since November.

“It was heartbreaking to hear what they were anticipating, or at that time, what they were actually going through when they turned their churches into shelters to house those displaced by the Russian invasion,” said Hoffmann.

Each month, the initiative sends one to three shipping containers full of medical supplies and equipment to humanitarian aid and medical missions around the world. Over the past four years, the initiative has worked with nonprofits such as Arlene Campbell Humanitarian Foundation to ship supplies to the Ukrainian capital, Kyiv.

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Hoffman said Ukraine’s main requests were for basic wound care items such as gauze, bandages, bandages and other first aid supplies. There have been five shipments so far, with the latest shipment of 16 to 18 pallets of materials being the largest, Hoffman said.

“We will more than likely be shipping supplies to Ukraine for a while, even if the war were to end today. The hospital devastations have already happened, and there will be a huge rebuilding effort, so we will be looking to give them everything we need to set up medical services,” Hoffman said.

Baylor Scott & White’s College Station and Brenham Hospitals collected gauze, bandages and wound care supplies, Hoffman said. Staff members and community members purchased supplies to help drive the effort, Hoffman said.

“It is so encouraging and so inspiring to see local members of our communities wanting to do something, and then realizing that they can have an impact by going out and buying some of these first aid items and bringing them to the drop off point there at those two hospitals,” Hoffman said.

David Murphy, staff chaplaincy supervisor at Baylor Scott & White in College Station, said the conflict in Ukraine was an opportunity for action.

“Locally what we’ve done is just be very aware of our own supplies that could be used and donate them,” Murphy said. “We are blessed to have the abundance we have in our country, but in some places, especially where war is involved, these supplies are becoming almost impossible to find without additional help.”

Murphy said the initiative is part of the Baylor Scott & White System’s Christian healing ministry.

“So whoever it is that needs help, we want to be available any way we can,” he said.

Community members are encouraged to drop off their donations in bins at Brenham and College Station hospitals until Friday. Cash donations are also accepted at

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