Belarus suspends routine medical care to focus on Covid-19 – latest updates

Covid-19 has infected more than 241 million people and killed nearly 4.9 million worldwide. Here are the virus-related developments for October 18.

A woman wearing a protective mask is seen on a bus, as the spread of the coronavirus disease (Covid-19) continues, in Minsk, Belarus, April 28, 2020 (Reuters)

Monday, October 18, 2021

Belarus orders cessation of routine medical care

Belarus has ordered routine medical care in public clinics to be stopped in order to devote more resources to patients.

The health ministry said the suspended services include medical examinations and screenings, physiotherapy and dentistry.

Belarus has been hit by a growing wave of infections, with around 2,000 new cases reported daily in the country of 9.3 million.

Poll: Public support for prioritizing virus control falls

Nearly two years after the start of the pandemic, a growing number of people in several Western countries are prioritizing protecting the economy over tackling the virus, even if this results in more deaths, a poll showed.

The survey of 6,000 people living in the United States, Britain, France, Germany, Sweden and Japan showed that the wind was against the restrictions, consultancy firm Kekst CNC said. .

“In every country, the proportion of those who want their governments to prioritize limiting the spread of the coronavirus rather than protecting the economy has declined,” the report said, adding that mass support for the blockages “seems to be coming to an end”.

UK reports highest number of cases since mid-July

Britain has reported the most new cases in three months, with the number of infections reaching levels last seen when lockdown restrictions were in place in England over the summer.

The country has reported 49,156 new cases and 45 additional deaths within 28 days of testing positive, according to official data.

The figures are compared to 45,140 cases and 57 deaths reported a day earlier.

The number of infections in Britain is currently much higher than in other Western European countries and has increased by more than 60% in the last month.

Over 114.2 million vaccines administered in Turkey to date

Turkey has administered more than 114.22 million doses of the vaccine since it launched a vaccination campaign in January, according to official figures released.

Nearly 55 million people have received a first dose of a vaccine, while about 47.45 million are fully vaccinated, the health ministry said.

The ministry also recorded 29,240 new cases, 214 deaths and 26,539 recoveries in the past 24 hours.

Restaurants closed in parts of Slovakia in the midst of a wave

Slovakia reimposed restrictions in the hardest-hit parts of the country amid the latest wave of infections.

Five counties, all located in northern Slovakia, are affected by the measures, which include the closure of restaurants where people are only allowed to buy meals at take-out counters.

Algeria lifts curfew in 23 provinces – Ennahar TV

Algeria has lifted the nighttime curfew that was imposed in parts of the country last month to help contain the spread of the contagion, Ennahar TV reported.

The curfew, in effect from 10:00 p.m. to 4:00 a.m. GMT (11:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. local), was in effect in 23 of the country’s 58 provinces in North Africa.

Congo steps up vaccinations to contain third wave

The Republic of Congo has announced a 45-day program to fight a third wave, including immunizing at least 750,000 people.

The central African country, also known as Congo-Brazzaville to distinguish it from the much larger Democratic Republic of Congo, has seen the death toll rise sharply this month, Prime Minister Anatole Collinet said Makosso during a ceremony.

He noted that 32 deaths had been recorded in the first two weeks of this month, far more than the monthly average since the start of the pandemic.

Burundi launches vaccination campaign

Burundi has rolled out its first vaccines, months after most African countries, the latest step in the East African country’s transition to a more active approach to contain the pandemic.

The vaccination campaign started without fanfare in the commercial capital of Bujumbura. Dozens of city residents queued quietly at a vaccination site, telling Reuters they had heard of the driving by word of mouth.

Italy reports over 1,500 new cases

Italy reported 44 deaths, up from 24 the day before, the health ministry said, while the daily number of new infections fell to 1,597 from 2,437.

Italy has recorded 131,585 deaths since the outbreak in February last year. It has the second highest record in Europe behind Great Britain and the ninth in the world. The country has so far reported 4.7 million cases.

South Africa rejects Russian Sputnik vaccine over HIV fears

The South African health products regulator has said it will not approve Russia’s Sputnik V vaccine over concerns that it could increase the risk of HIV infection in men.

The decision was based on previous studies testing the safety of a modified form of adenovirus – a type of virus that causes respiratory infections – known as Ad5 and contained in the Russian jab.

“The use of the Sputnik V vaccine in South Africa, against a background of high HIV prevalence and incidence, may increase the risk of vaccinated men contracting HIV,” said the South African Human Regulatory Authority. health products (SAHPRA) in a press release.

The ex-czar of Covid in Italy indicted for embezzlement

The official who led Italy’s initial coronavirus response is under investigation for embezzlement and abuse of power related to the purchase of face masks in China, his spokesperson said.

The investigation focuses on the contracts that Domenico Arcuri’s office signed with three Chinese consortia to supply more than 800 million masks for $ 1.45 billion (€ 1.25 billion), at the start of the pandemic in March and April 2020.

EU says vaccine exports now exceed $ 1 billion

The top European Union official said the bloc has now exported more than a billion doses of Covid-19 vaccines to the rest of the world.

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said vaccines had been sent to more than 150 countries, making the 27-member bloc the world’s largest vaccine exporter.

The EU has said ramping up Covid-19 vaccinations around the world is the bloc’s No.1 priority right now and already pledged last month to send an additional 200 million doses of vaccine in Africa and other low-income countries.

Valneva reports ‘positive’ results from Covid vaccine

The Franco-Austrian biotechnology laboratory Valneva announced the positive results of the clinical trials of its Covid vaccine candidate, a month after the British government ended a supply agreement with the company.

Britain had ordered 100 million doses of the vaccine for 2021-2022 – the only order so far for Valneva, which has a production plant in Scotland. The French government said the European Union was still in negotiations to buy the vaccine.

Valvena said its Phase 3 trial, conducted among 4,012 adults in Britain, had shown “positive” results for the vaccine, providing more neutralizing antibodies than the vaccine made by British pharmaceutical giant AstraZeneca.

Egypt to demand virus vaccination for officials

The Egyptian government will soon require officials to have a vaccination certificate or present a negative weekly Covid-19 test before entering their workplace.

The government announced the new measures on Sunday evening. He said the requirements will be enforced from November 15.

The measures also require the public to show proof of vaccination to enter government buildings from December 1, according to a government statement.

The idea is to encourage people to get vaccinated, as the country of more than 100 million people suffers from a fourth wave of the pandemic.

Sydney eases more restrictions as vaccinations reach milestone

Thousands of children have returned to Sydney schools after nearly four months of home learning as Australia’s largest city eased more restrictions just a week after lifting its lockdown amid a raise immunization levels.

A quicker-than-expected shot put the lifting of restrictions days ahead as Sydney’s New South Wales (NSW) surpassed the double-dose vaccination rate by 80% over the weekend. end in people over 16 years of age. Authorities had pledged to start easing the brakes as rates hit 70 percent, 80 percent and 90 percent.

China reports 24 new cases

China has reported 24 new confirmed cases, up from 20 a day earlier, its health authority said on Monday.

Two local cases were found in the northwestern city of Xian, while the rest of the infections were imported from overseas, according to a statement from the National Health Commission.

China reported 9 new asymptomatic patients, which it categorizes separately from confirmed cases, up from 13 the day before.

Brazil records 130 more deaths

Brazil has recorded 5,738 new cases of the virus in the past 24 hours, as well as 130 deaths from the virus, the health ministry said.

Brazil has recorded more than 21 million cases since the start of the pandemic, while the official death toll has risen to 603,282, according to ministry data.

Egypt to impose restrictions on civil servants after November 15

Egypt will require public sector workers to be vaccinated against the virus or undergo a weekly drug test to be allowed to work in government buildings after November 15, according to a cabinet statement.

A government meeting also agreed to allocate one billion pounds ($ 64 million) to meet spending needs related to the coronavirus crisis.

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