Can you help this Ditchling team deliver medical supplies to Ukraine?

People can buy essential items for the group through a Amazon Wish Listwhich are delivered to an address in East End Road and stored in a nearby barn before couriers transport them to Polish and Ukrainian hospitals.

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People can also purchase items themselves and deliver them to the address listed on the group’s Facebook page.

Ditchling members of the South Downs Appeal for Medical Aid to Ukraine have been working with Ukrainian friends to find the best way to get medical supplies directly to hospitals across the country. Photo: Dr. Andrew Hill.

Kate, 52, Donna, 54, and Erica, 52, said they made the call after watching distressing television footage following the Russian invasion.

“I just felt completely helpless, as I think most people do in the UK,” Donna said.

She said she and Kate initially wanted to help via “the normal route” of donating to a center in London, but found it was already overwhelmed with supplies.

The trio therefore decided on a targeted approach, contacting Dr Mariia Atlantava in Ditchling, who is from Ukraine and has contacts there.

Dr Atlantova, 37, who works in clinical research, is involved in Smart medical aidan NGO of health professionals currently in Ukraine.

She said this organization was started by her friend Dr. Iryna Rybinkina and was organizing ways to get medical supplies directly to Ukrainian hospitals.

“Half of our team is trying to find medical equipment that we can buy and send to Ukraine, the other is dealing with medical supplies, such as airway systems,” she said.

Dr Atlantava said it was a complicated process, with not all items coming from the UK.

She said she felt bad about the current situation in Ukraine, calling it “an absolute nightmare”.

She also said her father decided to stay in Ukraine.

“He said it was his country and he was ready to fight for it,” Dr Atlantava said.

Her husband, Dr Andrew Hill, 63, is also helping the campaign by collecting ‘stale’ stock from the Royal Sussex County Hospital, Brighton, where he works.

Dr Hill, a consultant anesthetist specializing in cardiothoracic anesthesia and intensive care, plans to travel to Ukraine on Friday 8 April.

“I think I can work with the most basic equipment,” he said, adding that he would support a few “handbags” full of advanced airway kits as Ukrainian hospitals concentrate currently on wounds and airway management.

He said he wasn’t particularly worried about making the trip and was “willing to take a risk” because he felt it was something he had to do.

The South Downs appeal for medical supplies for Ukraine said the items they needed most urgently included tourniquets, asprin or paracetamol, elastic bandages, colostomy bags, nappies, insulin needles, disposable scalpels and children’s medicines.

Erica thanked Lewes MP Maria Caulfield and Arundel and South Downs MP Andrew Griffith for helping the group with supplies and campaign awareness.

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