Cleveland area hospitals and MedWish partner to send donated medical supplies to Ukraine

CLEVELAND, Ohio — MedWish International, a Cleveland-based nonprofit, and area hospitals have partnered to donate items to Ukraine to help ease critical shortages of medical supplies in this war-torn country.

Personal protective equipment, sleeping bags and other supplies collected at local drives are on their way to Ukraine and neighboring countries, organizers said.

“At MetroHealth, we are happy to do our small part to support those who are suffering because of the war in Ukraine,” President and CEO Dr. Akram Boutros said in a statement. “We are dedicated to hope, health and humanity and look forward to the day when the whole world will join us.”

The Cleveland-based nonprofit MedWish International distributes medical supplies and equipment, as well as emergency supplies to Ukrainian humanitarian organizations in Ukraine and neighboring countries.

People can help by donating funds or supplies (see Amazon Wish List), organize a drive or become a volunteer. Details are on the MedWish website.

University hospitals were the first local hospitals to host Medwish and its sister organization MedWorks Ukraine relief donation campaign in early March.

The UH-MedWish drive collected seven tons of supplies, including first aid kits, sleeping bags and personal hygiene items, UH said.

The Cleveland Clinic donated and shipped to Ukraine more than 25 pallets of surgical supplies, syringes, catheters, bandages, personal protective equipment and other supplies.

The cargo was transported to Ukrainian-American Foundation in Maryland, which planned to airlift the cargo to Europe and then transport it to humanitarian aid centers in Ukraine, near its borders with Poland, Hungary and Slovakia. The items will be distributed to various locations in Ukraine.

MetroHealth System donated several pallets of medical supplies, personal protective equipment, first aid products and disinfectants to Ukrainian relief efforts.

The supplies were sent by MedWish to the United Ukrainian Organizations of Ohio for transportation to Poland and then Ukraine. United Ukrainian Organizations of Ohio is a collaboration of more than 40 groups that have sent aid to Ukraine since the 1980s.

SummaHealth’s medical residency program coordinated a donation campaign for MedWish to support the people of Ukraine. Items collected included backpacks, personal hygiene items, baby wipes, diapers, pediatric formula and more, the health system said.

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