Escondido community organizes campaign to donate medical supplies for Ukraine

ESCONDIDO, Calif. (KGTV) — As Russia’s attack on Ukraine escalates, San Diego County residents continue to support Ukraine.

On Saturday, the community of Escondido held a medical supply donation drive for Ukrainian soldiers and civilians.

One by one, cars pulled up to San Pasqual Union Elementary School with boxes and bags full of painkillers, bandages and gauze.

Donations also included suitcases, diapers and feminine products.

“What makes you emotional is when you see the chest seals for when they’re [troops] shot,” Connie Malkiewicz said.

Malkiewicz helped set up the emergency supply campaign.

She said it happened after a friend learned of Ukraine House’s efforts to help injured soldiers and civilians.

“The needs are critical and they are only increasing,” said Nadia Haywas, vice-president of the House of Ukraine.

Haywas said shelling by the Russian military was happening more often, killing and injuring Ukrainian soldiers and others.

“They [Russians] attack schools, they attack theaters, they attack places where civilians lived,” Haywas said.

With the help of the Escondido community, the group was able to donate three large pallets of medical supplies and raised $1,690 for humanitarian aid in Ukraine.

“Every car that comes, you just start crying. They went out. The community hasn’t let us down,” Malkiewicz said.

It’s continued support, according to Haywas, Ukrainians need more than ever.

“I’m just begging people to remember that it’s not over. We may be sick of it, but it’s still happening and it’s happening in greater numbers,” Haywas said.

For a complete list of high priority donations, Click here.

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