Life Wear Technologies donates over 62,000 units of supporting medical products to House of Ukraine

POMPANO BEACH, Florida–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Life Wear Technologies, a leading provider of private label and branded sports medicine products, is pleased to announce a charitable contribution to the House of Ukraine, Inc., a cultural museum in San Diego providing information to the public about the country of Ukraine.

The donation consisted of more than 62,000 medical product units including knee, ankle and wrist braces, back support, elastic bandages, heat, cold packs and more. Regularly reporting on cultural aspects of Ukraine including art, history, traditions and language, House of Ukraine is also currently accepting product donations including military supplies and aid kits to donate to local Ukrainians in kyiv and to refugees.

“As a mass producer in the first aid and pharmacy market, we didn’t hesitate to find a way to support Ukraine with the supplies we have,” said Bradley Waugh, president and CEO of the management of Life Wear Technologies. “We are grateful to be able to offer our products as a useful medical aid, and hope they will even bring a glimmer of relief to those in need.”

The House of Ukraine, Inc. is a member of the House of Pacific Relations International Cottages, Inc, (HPR), Balboa Park, San Diego, California, founded in 1935 and is a nonprofit community organization dedicated to cooperation and comprehension. between national groups in the United States.

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About Life Wear Technologies:

Life Wear Technologies, LLC was established in 1974 as one of the first manufacturers of sports medicine products. The company began selling its products to athletic trainers, institutions, sporting goods retailers and professional teams throughout the US market.

After gaining notoriety as a leading sporting goods innovator, the company moved into the growing first aid and pharmacy market. In addition to health supports, Life Wear began manufacturing elastic bandages, athletic bands and eventually hot and cold therapy products to become the first single-source solution for private label sports medicine products.

Today, Life Wear Technologies, LLC is a leading supplier of private label and branded sports medicine products sold through the drug, food and mass merchant distribution chains.

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