Local emergency room donates medical supplies to war-torn Ukraine | Community alert

Lonestar 24 Hour Emergency Room recently donated medical supplies to Ukraine for the military and critical care hospitals in the war-torn country.

Lonestar 24 got in touch with an Austin emergency doctor who volunteers with Ukraine’s Fundacja Od Granicy Do Mieszkania (From the Border to the Apartment) foundation.

Last month, Dr. Austin Potter traveled to Poland to help Ukrainian refugees.

Upon returning to Texas, Potter asked the area self-governing emergency services if they had any medical supplies to donate. Lonestar 24 heard the call and felt compelled to help.

According to Lonestar 24 medical director Dr Gerardo Ortiz, the medical supplies included trauma and mass casualty supplies to treat Ukrainian soldiers fighting in the war which began in late February when Russian forces invaded their eastern neighbor. .

Lonestar’s 24-hour emergency room recently donated medical supplies, such as trauma and mass casualty items, to Ukraine for use by military and intensive care hospitals.

“We prioritized it with bleeding control, infection control and wound care supplies,” Ortiz said. “We sent out central lines which are used for deep IV (intravenous) access, chest tubes for collapsed lungs or bleeding lungs. We started with the things we had duplicates of, just because we needed to make sure we always had what we needed and prioritize them based on that.

Ortiz added that the supplies would also be used by military personnel in the field.

“What they’re trying to do is give soldiers field kits that have tourniquets and clotting agents for bleeding and wound care,” he said. “That’s the goal, because they can’t just stop and come back for help, so we try to give them supplies to take care of themselves on the pitch. We take great pride in seeing our supplies reach the people who need them.

Potter recently arrived in Warsaw, Poland with three large boxes of donated medical supplies.

The supplies were then sent across the border from Poland to Ukraine.

“These supplies are desperately needed, and I am so grateful to Lonestar for their support,” Potter said. “Some of the supplies are split between the Ukrainian army and Ukrainian hospitals. One of the Ukrainian army’s medical supply warehouses was bombed, so they are extremely grateful for this donation. »

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