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We offer a suite of proprietary tools and methodologies to optimize technical systems, develop management infrastructures and promote good behavior and mentality. Here are examples of some of these tools we use to complement our work:

Comparative analysis of medical devicesMT: Diagnostic and transformation tool for manufacturing, supply chain, quality, purchasing and organization, with over 50 customizable metrics per module that give insightful recommendations for actionable opportunities.

Model factories: A global network of nine Capacity Centers that provide over 150 online and in-person leadership and skills development training in product development, procurement, supply chain management, service operations and performance management. Learn more about model factories.

Suite of complexity management solutions: A diagnostic suite using advanced analytics to assess the complexity of a medical technology firm’s portfolio and the in-game value of optimizing and improving management, and provide actionable recommendations. It includes tools like Complexity Fingerprint, Wallet X-ray, Complexity Cost Calculator, Wallet Setup, and Complexity Cockpit.

Design to Value (DtV) and Cleansheet Solution ™ Laboratories: Our engineering centers of expertise where competitive product teardowns and cost modeling are performed to strengthen customer focus and help reduce time to market and product costs. Our Cleansheet Solution ™ helps establish cost transparency, analyze cost drivers, calculate target cost and reap those benefits. Learn more about Design to Value and Cleansheet Solution.

Purchasing centers: Our global sourcing centers located in Brazil, China, Eastern Europe, India and Mexico using our Global Sourcing Information Exchange (GSIE) database help identify suppliers in low cost countries. Learn about innovation, design and development, productivity, agility and automation, and quality, compliance and remediation.

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