PracticeHub practice management platform goes live with access to medical supplies from Team Medical

Avant’s practice management platform, PracticeHub, has partnered with medical supplies wholesaler Team Medical Supplies to streamline access to quality medical supplies for healthcare practices.

According to a press release, their partnership gives PracticeHub users online access to Team Medical’s wide range of medical products and inventory, ranging from diagnostic and medical equipment and surgical instruments to disposables and general supplies, to “competitive prices”. They can also order the products through the PracticeHub platform by connecting their Team Medical account.


The partners intend to help practices simplify their daily operations and streamline the ordering and supply of medical products.

PracticeHub said their association with Team Medical also supports their work to make “quality practice simpler, safer and more efficient.” Technology in Practice CEO Martin Edwards said there will be special member benefits and offers exclusively available through the PracticeHub platform.

In the future, organizations plan to co-develop product extensions and integrate their platforms to increase practice management efficiency.


Last year, PracticeHub rolled out new apps, one of which is an app that that sends reminders to health organizations when their practitioners need to renew their registration with the Australian Health Practitioners Regulatory Agency. The other manages the doctors’ annual insurance certificates, avoiding the manual collection of certificates which increases the medico-legal risks.

During this year, Best medical, operator of general practice clinics in South Australia, chose PracticeHub’s integrated practice management system. The PracticeHub platform can integrate with Cgov’s cloud-based quality management system, which enables reporting of patient complaints, as well as occupational, clinical, and at-risk health and safety incidents.

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