Remedy’s Rx collects medical supplies for Ukraine

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Jocelyne Bousquet, director of Remedy’s Rx in the Espanola mall, says the incentive to collect medical supplies for the people of Ukraine came in early March, through their pharmacist Ken Burns, through her mother and dad. a friend of the family.

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Ukrainians are asking for medical supplies as part of what they need to survive an unjust war inflicted on them by Russia. As hospitals, homes, churches, schools and shelters are bombarded, the need for medical supplies will become more urgent.

On March 5, Bousquet posted an announcement on Remedy’s Rx Facebook page, asking people to donate over-the-counter medications such as ibuprofen, acetaminophen, cough and cold products, and pain medications. allergies. First aid products such as bandages, gels, gauze pads and ointments are needed as well as petroleum jelly and baby supplies such as pacifiers. The only restriction is that there can be no liquid medications. Collected medical supplies will be delivered in person by the family friend in early April.

Bousquet says watching what was happening in Ukraine was horrible and she wanted to help in any way she could. “We try to do our small part, do what we can.”

The response from the community has also been phenomenal, with people donating amounts of $300 and $250, and even small children bringing their candy money and donating it for medical supplies. As of March 15, she estimated that nearly $1,000 in drugs had already been raised.

Kathy Carre, author of Victoria’s Children’s Tales, was one of the people who walked into the store with her grandchildren, and the youngsters expressed a desire to show they care about what is happening in Ukraine . She says they don’t watch the news, but they are aware of what is going on.

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Eli, 10, and Avery, 12, originally intended to buy crisps and other treats, but ended up spending the money on medicine.

Eli went so far as to draw a card with “Hang In There” written in Ukrainian, to send as well. The design also includes sunflower, national flower of Ukraine, Ukrainian flag and hands with thumbs up.

Another little girl, six-year-old Dani McKechnie, designed a Ukrainian flag for the Ukrainian people. She also contributed $24.25 of her own money for drugs.

Bousquet said she would contact local schools to see if other children would like to create cards and drawings to place with the mailing to let the people of Ukraine know that Canadians, including school children, support them.

This isn’t the only fundraising effort that Remedy’s Rx is currently involved with. They are also selling $5 raffle tickets to support a new van for Community Living Espanola. The van is $45,000 and tickets are available in store to support this very worthwhile community effort. There are three prizes to be drawn and the draw day is May 20.

Photo providedEli Carre, 10, showed his support for the people of Ukraine by drawing a card with “Hang In There” written in Ukrainian along with some of the country’s national symbols.

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