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She4She, a non-governmental organization, has given hope to disadvantaged young children returning to school in Abaji, a community on the outskirts of the Federal Capital Territory.

Similarly, food and various medical services were also shared with the adult population.

The ceremony took place at the town hall of Abaji.

As part of the package for elementary school students, she4She donated hundreds of school bags along with water bottles and writing materials. The initiative aimed to encourage students to return to school as schools reopen. This was followed by the Items 7 For 7 giveaway exercise, which included food for hundreds of families.

Medical services included care of pregnant women, dental care, screening and treatment of malaria, care of people with hypertension, diabetes and people with various infections.

Speaking about the program, She4She founder and managing director, lawyer Oyanbo Peace Owei, said that successful outings like those experienced in Abaji give him special joy. She said she had a passion for giving a helping hand to the needy in society and had been involved in philanthropic activities since her college days.

Oyanbo has drawn the joy of helping humanity since she was 20 years old, and has been doing so ever since she got a real job where she had to support women and children in need.

She said that on May 20, 2021, she successfully registered She4She as a non-governmental organization after more than ten years of philanthropic practice.

As for how she funds She4She, she said she spoke to some well-meaning people and organizations in Nigeria to partner with to reach vulnerable people, especially women and girls. She said that her NGO has so far implemented programs such as sensitizing women on the need to breastfeed and give birth safely. She also said that She4She has been working on personal development training, food awareness, where they donate a minimum of seven packaged items to feed households, and recently added the Back To School program where they distribute school bags and materials. writing for students in Nigeria. .

She said the NGO has ambitions to reach 3,000 Nigerians in different ways before the end of 2021. Owei added that She4She is growing and will present its short, medium and long term plan soon.

She pointed out that She4She is planning to visit as many states as possible so that as many people as possible can get a feel for the outreach.

Owei said the federal government is doing a lot to help vulnerable people, but warned the government needs to be more strategic in helping people. She added that the government program should be more structured for maximum impact.

Earlier, Abaji’s chief imam revealed that he was happy that She4She identified Abaji for such assistance and prayed that God would give the organizers the strength and courage to do more.

In addition, the President of Abaji said he was grateful to She4She for devoting time and resources to supporting the people of Abaji with food and health services.

She 4 She Initiative (SSI) is an initiative to empower women and girls. The organization, headquartered in Abuja, Nigeria, with operations in Bayelsa State and across Nigeria.

SSI’s goal is to give women and girls the opportunity to build careers and create value for society.

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