Tamil Nadu government to send medical supplies worth ₹28 crore to Sri Lanka | Latest India News


Given the economic crisis in Sri Lanka, Tamil Nadu Health Minister Ma Subramanian said on Sunday that 137 types of medical supplies were worth 28 crores will be sent to Sri Lanka in a few days.

Subramanian and Health Secretary Radhakrishnan inspected medical supplies sent to Sri Lanka.

Speaking to ANI, the Minister of Health said, “The Ministry of Health will provide 137 types of medical supplies worth 28 crores in Sri Lanka in a few days.

“Currently, the first installment of 8 crores of medical supplies will be sent to Sri Lanka. These drugs are sent on humanitarian grounds to reach the affected people whether they are Sinhala or Tamil,” Subramanian said.

Earlier on April 29, Tamil Nadu Chief Minister MK Stalin proposed a resolution in the State Assembly urging the central government to allow the state government to send essential items including rice , pulses, dairy products and medicines in Sri Lanka in the context of the current economic crisis.

The resolution proposed by him stated: “But so far, no clear response has been received from the Government of India in this regard. Therefore, this August House hereby resolves to urge the Government of India to give positive consideration to the request of the Government of Tamil Nadu to immediately dispatch food and other essentials, including life-saving drugs, from Tamil Nadu to the people of Sri Lanka, who are facing serious hardships.”

CM MK Stalin said, “On a humanitarian basis, we should provide them with support. People line up to get petrol and diesel. The power cut is there all over the country, public transport has also decreased. Tamils ​​are suffering. Pesticides in the fields of Jaffna are sold for 32,000 which has already been sold for 1200.”

In a meeting with Prime Minister Narendra Modi on March 31, Tamil Nadu’s Chief Minister, MP Stalin, discussed Sri Lanka’s economic situation and offered to send relief materials, including state food and medicine in Sri Lanka, sources said.

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