UAE sends aid plane carrying 50 tons of food and medical supplies to Ukraine

The United Arab Emirates is sending ambulances and medical equipment to Ukraine to help war-affected civilians. W.A.M.

As part of its continued humanitarian efforts, the United Arab Emirates today dispatched an aircraft to Warsaw, Poland carrying 50 tons of food and ambulances with medical equipment as part of a relief airlift in course established in March to meet the humanitarian needs of Ukrainians in the interior. internally displaced persons (IDPs) and refugees.

Ahmed Salim Al Kaabi, Ambassador of the United Arab Emirates to Ukraine, said: “The United Arab Emirates supports efforts to reach a political solution to the crisis and wishes to promote regional and international security and stability, as well as their efforts to meet the humanitarian needs of affected civilians in Ukraine.

Last March, the United Arab Emirates launched a humanitarian airlift to deliver medical supplies and basic food aid to Ukrainian authorities in Poland to help Ukrainian refugees.

UAEaid-ukraine Ambulances for Ukraine parked at the airport.

He added: “The UAE will continue to provide relief as a manifestation of its approach in support of international humanitarian efforts to help those in need overcome humanitarian crises and alleviate their suffering, particularly among women and children”.

Dmytro Senik, Deputy Foreign Minister of Ukraine, expressed his sincere appreciation for the UAE’s efforts, saying: “Allow me to express my deepest gratitude to the Emirati leadership and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and from the UAE International Cooperation for their rapid response to Ukraine’s humanitarian challenges.. With every plane of medicine and medical supplies, we see the humanitarian approach of the UAE leadership and their efforts to meet the needs lives of war-affected Ukrainians.

This follows his meeting with Reem Bint Ibrahim Al Hashemy, Minister of State for International Cooperation, to discuss developments in Ukraine and ways to provide the necessary humanitarian support to affected civilians.


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