Ukrainian recipients react to fire equipment and medical supplies sent overseas – NBC Connecticut

The Connecticut community continues to come together in support of Ukraine. We brought you a story this weekend about how the South Fire District of Middletown organized a drive-in for fire equipment and medical supplies.

On Friday, these items were being prepared for shipping. More than 300 boxes and 12,000 pounds of equipment and supplies have been delivered to Ukrainian moving company Meest in New Jersey as it prepares overseas shipments.

“It was very rewarding to see this go from the cradle to the grave,” said Fire Chief Jim Trzaski of the Southern District Fire Department.

“All the people in Meest are from Ukraine and they were so happy to see this shipment there, knowing that it’s not just going for humanitarian needs, but actually for first responders,” he said. for follow-up.

But as the war in Ukraine rages on with no sign of an end in sight, the conditions of what it’s like to face the unknown are described:

“Day by day Ukrainian territory is being bombed by the Russians and we have a lot of fires in towns in a forest and fields. And they are working around the clock and this is not a typical situation,” he said. said Trzaski.

With the constant battle of the fire, Michael Radigan, who works with the Ukrainian Catholic University but functions as an English liaison officer for the Lviv Oblast Fire Agency, portrays how much the Ukrainian community has really need for medical equipment and supplies.

“Just imagine you’re working in a primary critical aid unit and you don’t have meds or you’ve been in a fire brigade and you’re also picking up rubble, your equipment is damaged while you’re working and you don’t have equipment to go back to,” Radigan said.

The items are expected to arrive in Ukraine in the coming weeks.

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