What a hospital is doing in response to lack of medical supplies due to inflation

As inflation and supply chain issues continue to plague industries across the country, hospitals are facing the same challenges, forcing them to stockpile and shell out more cash for goods.

“Just as you see gasoline going through the roof, the expense is high,” said Dr. Mark Castellaw, internal medicine physician at Baptist Medical Group.

Castellaw said the past two years of the pandemic have taught them all a lesson about the importance of preparation.

“Everything has gone up, from paper products to needles, everything is, but that’s the environment we’re in right now, because again, what we don’t want to suffer is patient care. “, did he declare.

Castellaw said rising costs are also forcing them to work even more closely with patients to provide them with the out-of-office care they need.

“Everything goes up. Medicines are increasing, supplies are increasing, we are trying to do everything we can to try to control costs for patients as well,” he said.

So what’s the best way they work to combat it?

It says prep and order in bulk, weeks or even months in advance.

“We have a system where we have inventory that we can delegate to offices that need what they need and to hospitals that need what they need, so we try to be prepared.”

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